Job Search Downloads

Welcome and Introduction – This section will provide the foundation you need in order to learn how to conduct a job search.  These downloads will help provide a general overview of your job search.

Enrollment – This section is where initial job search tasks will be completed.  The primary activity to take place will be generating your networking list.

Getting Started – This section focuses on helping you get into action where you are beginning to develop your search strategy.

Action Plan – This section will help you develop your 30-second pitch along with a resume review and development of a target list of companies and marketing plan.

Implementation – This is where most of your job search activity will take place.  The marketing activities will be most prevalent and you’ll be using your contact management and follow up system.  You will engage in email marketing activities, personal and group networking meetings, answering job ads, attending relevant events, phone and personal interviews and follow up activities such as writing thank you notes and cover letters.

For additional downloadable documents to assist you in your job search, go to Career HandlerCareer Handler is an Atlanta Jobseekers endorsed site that can provide you with great information you can use to effectively conduct your job search.


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