Tracking your contacts

June 26, 2009

Thanks to everyone for making this past Friday great!  We had over 80 people at the meeting and our first hour speaker had a great story to tell.  I enjoyed meeting many of you today and hope you were able to walk away from the meeting with some new contacts and information to assist in your job search.

During the second hour, we discussed the importance of having a single place to manage all of your contacts.  We introduced a process for you to use that will take the stress out of knowing who, what, when of follow up in your job search.  I’ve attached an excel spreadsheet to this post that you can download and use.  Since some of you weren’t able to make the meeting, I’ll try to record an audio file in the future (since I couldn’t locate the old one) that will explain the process in more detail.

Post any comments you’d like to this post so others can benefit.

To your success,

P.S. You can also check out the Job Search Downloads tab for more info to help you in your search.  If you’re new to the job search, be sure to check out the Jobsearch Cheat Sheet.

  • What you will need to get started?
    • 3 – ring binder
    • Cover sheet for binder (for those Marketing folks)
    • 50 copies of the Contact Sheet
    • 3 copies of the Tracking log – place in the front of binding or inside pocket
    • 1-31 tabs representing the days of the week

Click Here to Download Contact Sheet & Tacking Log